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The wrongfuel melbourne Guide to The Volkswagen Multivan

The VW Multivan is an elegantly-designed and excellently-crafted MPV that is stylish in ways we have not seen for a long time from this type of vehicle. In this Wrong Fuel Rescue guide, we will cover all of the performance, safety, technological, and design aspects of the VW Multivan – providing you a good overview […]

The wrongfuel melbourne Guide to The VW Eos

The VW Eos has had a significant impact on the car industry since its inception. Released in 2006 by the German automaker and introduced to Australia in 2007, the 1.4 TSI model was the world’s first car with a five-piece coupe, sliding, and convertible roof (CSC roof). Thanks to this wide roof span, the sporty […]

The wrongfuel melbourne Guide to The Toyota Fortuner

The Toyota Fortuner has been a go-to for families and outdoorsmen who require a dependable and rugged mode of transport that is equally at home among the city lights as it is on mountain passes and rocky nature trails. This popular powerhouse of an SUV has gone through its fair share of changes over the […]